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Unique Beaded Jewelry bead pattern and kit
You are here Unique Beaded Jewelry Bead Patterns UBJ Unique Beaded Jewelry Bead Patterns Beading Patterns Unique Beaded Jewelry Beading Patterns
Beading Patterns and kits!!
The patterns are all full color illustrations with instructions.
The bead kits contain the beads, needles and thread to complete the item.
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Bead kits are available for almost every pattern.
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Stitching Information Questions about Printable Patterns How to Download What comes in the Beading Patterns and kits. What comes in a kit

Beading is a passion, for many of us.
I don't know how many times I've said and heard others say "beading gives me a purpose."
Now explaining the purpose of beading is a whole other thing!!

We bead because we like making things, pretty things.
Beading keeps our hands busy when we can't do anything else.
We bead because it calms us down.
Sometimes beading goes beyond just calming us, beads help put the pain aside.
I think it has something to do with the counting, and the rhythm.

Beading can be very addicting!!
First, beads draw you in with their pretty colors, all their hues, and the feel of the beads can be enticing. Smooth, rough, tiny, some are almost perfect and others are "all wobbly".
Sometimes beads even make me laugh.

Okay, about what you get when you order from me.
I grew up with "Simplicity Patterns" you know the ones, with the dress pattern and the directions.
Well, that's what a pattern is to me.
The picture of what you are making, and the instructions on how to make it.
So when you order a Pattern from me you get the directions, and the picture of what you are making.

Other things I sell on these pages are Bead Graphs and Kits.
Bead Graphs are just what they sound like. I've had lots of people ask
me if they come with "the code" meaning what colors go with what beads.
Yes the bead graphs come with color codes too.
Kits! Kits come with everything you need for making the beaded item.
Instructions do not come with the kits, but everything else does; all the beads, needles, thread, and what ever other components that might be needed.
You do need your own scissors.

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How to Bead
Instructions for beginners
Learning to bead.

Free Beading Patterns
New Free Beading Patterns
Download all you want!

Beaded Earring Patterns
Easy to follow illustrations
Great Selection!

The business name Unique Beaded Jewelry was established in 1995.
Unique Beaded Jewelry presents beading patterns and kits.
Projects for the beginner and beads for the more discerning artist.
You will find many unique patterns and all sorts of jewelry, I just love jewelry.
Most of my bead patterns, bead kits, are seed bead patterns, and are designed for Czech and Japanese seed beads.
Happy Beading to all!

Beading Made Easy
Instructions on stitching
for beginners and more.

Artistic Bead Jewelry
Hand made Jewelry, beautiful and Unique.

Silver and Gold
Uniquely beautiful jewelry for everyone.

Beaded Earring Patterns
Easy to follow illustrations
Great Selection!

Free Beading Patterns
New Free Beading Patterns
Download all you want!


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