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You are here Art by Dragon The Artist About the artist Dragon

This page is about me!!
Picture of Me!!
This picture was an accidental double exposure.
It's an old picture of me and my kids.
I think it's a perfect representation of me with my kids always on my mind.
People that come to the page either want to know about me or my beading, so I will try to write something about both on this page.
To start with I'm 58 years old. Sometimes I feel like an 18 year old and sometimes, when I'm having a hard time getting up and down, I feel 80 years old.
I have two children; a wonderful daughter who is 38 and all grown up.
My son, who is 34  he's all grown up, but still has a lot to learn. He is so sweet and I'm sure he'll know it all one day.
I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and I am very proud of the place of my birth.
I have two wonderful parents that raised me and two sisters that I still keep in contact with.
I started doing arts and craft shows when I was 17 years old.
I was a silversmith at the time.
Since then I have done several types of arts and crafts and love to work in all sorts of mediums.
I started beading when I was pregnant with my son, so that was a long time ago.

Who am I now?
I've had Crohns disease since I was in my teens, though it wasn't diagnosed until I was almost thirty.
I lived with the disease for a long time without knowing what was wrong with me.
I learned to hide the pain, and my feelings.
The disease hit me hard about 9 years ago.
Then I really started beading!!!
I was in and out of the hospital and couldn't go anywhere or do anything.
My beads gave me comfort and security. It's funny that you can find those things in such little tiny beads.  I found that when the pain killers didn't work, the beads did.

On a Happier Note!
Unique Beaded Jewelry
I am a very happy person!!
I live in the woods about 45 minutes to a real town, and 20 mile to the closest gas station, and we don't go there! LOL
I love the place I live in and enjoy all the animals and wild life that lives here with me.
I have a caregiver that is also my bestest friend T-lou, we have been together for 15 years now and Plaidshark who has been with us for 8 years.
I have good friends and a good life!!

My favorite pictures
Me Mama and baby Stormy!
This is a picture of Stormy, the baby deer that adopted us.
She came to us one stormy night.
It had been raining and someone brought her to us, as they had found her in the middle of the road still in the birth sac. When we got her she was no bigger than a kitty cat.
We raised her in the house until those little sharp hooves of hers were a bit scary waking up to in the morning. We moved her outside and day by day she became more intertwined with the wild life of the outside world. Every year when the new baby deer come to eat apples with their moms, we all wonder if that mom could be our Stormy!
T-Lou and a baby duck!
This is a picture of my favorite piece of bead work. I call him Brahmbear.
He hangs where I can see him when I wake up every morning.
He makes me smile!!
My favorite Sunset
We have the most wonderful sunsets here!!

My favorite saying is "Think Happy! Be Happy!" You know, when you think of sad stuff, how it just makes you think about more sad stuff.
Well it works the other way around too! If you think of happy stuff, it just makes you think about more happy stuff, and pretty soon, what do you know. You've got a smile on you face, and that spreads too!

Because I like to learn new things everyday!
Word of the Day
Hugs and Kisses to all that enjoy life as much as I do!!

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