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Unique Beaded Jewelry
You are here Unique Beaded Jewelry UBJ Unique Beaded Jewelry Beaded Jewelry Unique Beaded Jewelry Beaded Jewelry

This page is about finished Jewelry. If you are looking for Patterns, you want to go here Click here

There are all kinds of beaded jewelry!
First you have your main categories, Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets. Then each of those can be broken down into several other categories!
Tiger Eyes
String Necklaces
3D Beadwork
String Necklaces
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Most of my 3D bead work is for necklaces, birds and such as the center piece of a necklace. Even the 3D snake makes a nice necklace.
The 3D hummingbird is an all time favorite!
The String necklaces are beautiful beads strung on a double strand of Nymo thread that is very sturdy. Most people have a least one necklace of this sort. If you don't have one, you need about five in your jewelry box!
All of the rest of my Necklaces are in the Necklace category.  Some of the favorites are the Accordions and Weaves.
The Fringe necklaces are very fun to ware. The pictures in the fringe really show up well when they are worn.

Now the beaded bags! Some of them are small and make great necklaces and some of them are large and really are bags that will work for Cell phones and such.

Amulet Bag
Iris Lady
Beaded Cloth Bags
Fully Beaded Bags
Clicking on one of the pictures will take you to Beaded Jewelry that is for Sale.

The little Cloth Amulet bags are a big favorite. When I do craft shows with the Cloth bags, they are always the first to sell out. 
The Larger Fully Beaded bags, I usually don't have very many of, as they are very time consuming to make.  I love making them, but they take weeks to finish each one.

I love to make Bracelets and Earrings so I usually have lots of them. Most of the bracelets are for smaller wrists, but I am usually willing to make a larger bracelet for someone if they ask.
Beaded Bracelets
Beaded Earrings

Clicking on one of the pictures will take you to Beaded Jewelry that is for Sale.


I love to bead. Beading is my passion, beads drew me in many, many years ago.
Making the little beaded birds is so much fun, and they seem like they have a life of there own.
The other things I love to do with beads is to make pictures out of beads.
I use my fringe necklaces and amulet bags as a base to do the pictures on, so that the item will be wearable too.
My favorite themes are Mystical animals, and most animals in general. I also have a passion for beading pretty ladies.


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Free Beading Patterns
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